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Welcome to Setapp for Teams

Setapp for Teams is a leading platform offering over 150 Mac apps in one pack. Get rid of the license fuss and save time for business equipping your team with all the key tools from a single account. Sign up, invite your teammates, and you are all set.

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Write, code, draw, fix, and more.

Once you start thinking of what you need to perform –– voila! –– you have an app for that in our Setapp collection with more than 150 pieces. And we’re still moving forward by adding more apps. Have a challenge? Take it up with Setapp.

What Power Trial offers:

Explore first, pay later

Use Setapp free for 60 days –– that is twice the basic trial.

Special rates, tailored pricing

We are ready to please your team with a unique price offer.

As many Macs as you need

From startup to enterprise, with simple scaling and easy device management.

Product roadmap

We’re moving fast. Here’s what you get and what’s more coming:

An ever-growing set of 150+ apps

Lifetime access to all application updates

Credit card and PayPal billing

Team management

Invoice billing

Apps distribution via JAMF

Member permissions management

Application usage dashboard

Get Power Trial

What your business gets:

+150 in productivity

Devote time to business goals instead of wasting it on tools search –– you already have over 150 at hand.

Less money spent

Go Setapp without dealing with an endless amount of apps subscriptions.

Working time saved

Every teammate can independently handle the app suite with no help needed.

Data protection

No more shady web servers –– now your data is safe and secure.

Easy Mac to Mac transition

Spend just a couple of minutes for adding a new Mac to the existing environment.

Quick setup for every Mac

It only takes one email invitation to add a new team member to an active Setapp account.

Our clients speak:

"Setapp has given our office easy access to many high quality applications that we use everyday. Without Setapp, the management of so many of the applications we actually use would be far more difficult and expensive."

John Adams | Architect

"We started using Setapp because we want to use only one app in the bundle, the next thing we know is we are using over 10 apps from the bundle! Our whole team loves it."

Potsawee Vechpanich (Putt) | CTO | RentSpree

"Setapp has given our team access to tools to optimize our workflow.  They have done a great job finding relevant apps to make our lives a little more efficient."

Ladd Laulusa | Engineer

"Setapp for teams is the perfect solution for us. As a small, remote team, we can give team members options while benefiting from centralized billing and access control. Thank you!"

Emily Bechtel | Controller